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Outsourced Marketing for busy Trades who recognise the necessity of marketing but lack time, expertise and resources to execute it effectively.

SJS Plumbing & Heating, operating within North and East Hertfordshire and South Cambridgeshire, sought to elevate their marketing above the competition in their local area.

With a dedicated team committed to serving clients, they found themselves overwhelmed by the prospect of managing their marketing initiatives. The company recognised the necessity of marketing but lacked the time, expertise, and resources to execute it effectively.

The business owner is out on the road all day servicing their clients, and then has quoting and invoicing to do when they get home in the evening, so marketing was high on their agenda, but they were struggling with the time, skills and expertise to make it happen. As a result, they sought assistance from a professional marketing agency to streamline their efforts and enhance their outreach to potential clients.

Client Challenges:

1) Limited Time for Marketing: The owner and team at SJS Plumbing & Heating were occupied throughout the day attending to clients, leaving little time for marketing operations.

2) Absence of Marketing Strategy: While the company engaged in various marketing activities, they lacked a cohesive strategy and failed to measure their effectiveness or return on investment (ROI).

3) Resource Constraints: With a shortage of skills and motivation for marketing tasks, the company
struggled to develop and execute impactful marketing campaigns.

Solution Implemented:
Recognising the need for a comprehensive approach, Elvia Marketing collaborated closely with SJS Plumbing & Heating to devise a tailored strategy by taking the following steps to address our client’s challenges:

1) Strategic Planning:
We conducted an in-depth analysis of the company’s target market, competitors, and unique selling propositions. Based on this assessment, a strategic marketing plan was developed to align all marketing activities with the company’s objectives.

2) Budget Management:
A detailed budget was formulated, allocating resources efficiently across various marketing channels to maximise the company’s reach and ROI. This included provisions for digital marketing, advertising, and other promotional efforts.

3) Implementation and Monitoring: We took charge of executing the marketing plan, ensuring that all activities were coordinated and implemented effectively. Regular monitoring and analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs) were conducted to measure the impact of each campaign and make necessary adjustments.

4) Outsourced Supplier Management: To alleviate the burden on SJS Plumbing & Heating, we assumed responsibility for liaising with and project managing other outsourced marketing suppliers, ensuring seamless integration and collaboration and a much
more cohesive approach to their marketing.

Having Elvia Marketing as their trusted agency, has elevated and improved the marketing for SJS.

1) Increased Cohesion: By aligning all marketing activities with a cohesive strategy, the company achieved greater consistency in its messaging and brand positioning across various channels.

2) Targeted Outreach: With a refined understanding of their ideal clients, SJS Plumbing & Heating was able to tailor its marketing efforts to reach prospects most likely to engage with their services, particularly in plumbing, heating, and bathroom work.

3) Time and Resource Savings: The company no longer had to divert valuable time and resources towards marketing tasks, allowing them to focus on serving clients and growing their business. Marketing activities were efficiently managed by our agency, freeing up the client to concentrate on core operations.

4) Improved ROI: Through diligent monitoring and optimisation, the marketing agency ensured that the client’s marketing budget was allocated judiciously, resulting in improved ROI and measurable business outcomes.

By entrusting their marketing to a professional agency, SJS Plumbing & Heating was able to overcome the challenges of limited time, skills, and motivation. With a well-defined strategy, streamlined budget management, and ongoing monitoring, the company are celebrating enhanced brand visibility, plus targeted outreach, and improved efficiency in their marketing efforts, leading to increased enquiries and growth in the business as a result of their marketing.

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