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Oyster Agency approached Elvia Marketing as they were looking for a trusted marketing partner to collaborate with in order to develop and execute effective social media marketing campaigns for their client working in the Legal Sector.

Oyster Studios partnered with Elvia Marketing as we have a proven track record in social media marketing. By combining our expertise in social media platforms, content creation, and community management with Oyster’s expertise in other marketing functions, our contributions helped Oyster to provide a comprehensive and tailored marketing solution to their legal client.


1) Needs Assessment:
We worked with Oyster to conduct a thorough assessment of the clients’ needs and goals regarding social media marketing including an analysis into their ideal client, analysing marketing trends and evaluating competitors’ strategies.

2) Strategy Development:
Based on our findings, we developed a customised social media strategies encompassing content creation, platform selection, audience targeting, and performance metrics.

3) Content Creation and Publishing:
Elvia Marketing worked closely with Oyster to produce engaging and brand aligned content for various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Content calendars were created to ensure consistent and timely posting schedules. All of the content was sent to, and authorised by the client before posting.

4) Community Management:
We monitored the client’s accounts, responded to comments and messages, and fostered engagement with the audience. We also implemented strategies to grow followers and enhance brand visibility on social media.

5) Campaign Optimisation:
Both agencies continuously monitored the performance of social media campaigns using analytics tools and regular meetings with the client and other stakeholders. We identified areas for improvement, adjusted strategies accordingly, and provided regular reports to clients to track progress and ROI.


The collaboration between Oyster and Elvia Marketing yielded significant benefits for the client:

Increased Brand Awareness: Our client experienced heightened visibility and brand recognition across social media platforms, resulting in expanded reach and audience engagement.

Improved Customer Engagement: Through targeted content and proactive community management, the client saw a boost in interactions with their audience, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Enhanced Lead Generation: Social media campaigns generated quality leads for clients, driving website traffic, inquiries, and ultimately, conversions.

Measurable ROI: By tracking key performance indicators and analysing campaign data, the client was cable to quantify the impact of social media marketing on their business objectives and justify their investment.

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