Autentico are a catering company offering Authentic Spanish Paella delivered fresh to the door.

We worked with Autentico from 2018-2022.

Challenge: Limited visibility, fierce competition, and difficulty targeting ideal clients.

Solution: Partnered with Elvia Marketing for a tailored marketing strategy.


Market Analysis: Identified opportunities for differentiation in the marketing and focusing on USP of Paella Catering.
Brand Enhancement: Refined brand identity and messaging to ideal clients

Marketing Methods: Utilised digital marketing methods including Social Media to optimise brand awareness and customer enquiries and editing the website to keep it updated, especially during covid when the company moved from on-site catering to offering delivery.

Content Creation: Engaging content showcased the amazing food which the company offers and also their USP as a Spanish Paella Catering company, focusing on their heritage and story.


Increased Brand Awareness
Improved Lead Generation
Enhanced Customer Engagement
Measurable ROI through increased bookings

Conclusion: Strategic marketing efforts led to significant business growth for Autentico Dining.

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